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  • 鄭州瑟瑞斯泵業技術有限公司位于鄭州高新技術開發區,是一家專業銷售離心式砂泵的廠家。產品主要用于石油鉆井的泥漿處理過程中的循環系統。

    鄭州瑟瑞斯泵業在銷售過程中,樹立精品意識,嚴格按 質量要求執行,確保產品的出廠合格率100%。



    Zhengzhou Sunrise Pump Technology Co., Ltd located in Zhengzhou High-Tech industry Develop Zone, is a professional manufacturer and sales company of centrifugal pump. The pump is mainly used for mud circulating system for oil drilling.

    Quality Control conception continue throughout the production process and strictly follow the quality standard. We are working hard to provide 100% qualified products.

    Sunrise Pump Object: Train the First class staff, Pursuing Top technology, create the leading product and provide satisfying service.

    Sunrise Pump Conception: Operation on credit, Mutual benefit and development.

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